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Coaching for Optimal Health

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What is Wellness Coaching?

Need to make a lifestyle or behavior change? A wellness coach listens, engages and collaborates with you to reach your optimal health outcomes. Areas of focus can include nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and socio-ecological factors which may be impacting your physical and mental well-being. An integrative coach uses a holistic approach incorporating the body and mind to reach goals.

By working 1 on 1, we create personalized goals to help you be your best self.

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Health Educator / Nurse / Health Coach


My name is Neelam Murthi..

After years of seeing patients suffer from chronic preventable diseases and side effects of poly pharmacy, I knew I wanted to be part of primary prevention. My passion lies in the “Self” as the primary driver of health.

My mission is to empower individuals to live each moment to their fullest potential by being more aware and present mentally and physically.

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My past clients:

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"I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to have Neelam as a wellness coach for several months.

During that time, she was an extraordinary force in my life: she was a great listener, and through listening, she helped me think big and come up with great goals, talk through the steps I'd need to take to realize them, and come up with key steps each week to achieve them.

Working with Neelam is a joy; she is intelligent, endlessly supportive, and has an amazing way of taking in the details that you share about your goals and empowering you to make them happen in a healthy and happy approach".

Erin Kinney, Manager of Engagement @ Brookline Interactive Group

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"Neelam was an amazing listener and made me realize that I had the answers within me to balance my work stress, school and personal life.

She asked insightful questions and listened mindfully in a nonjudgmental manner. She did a great job of helping me make small obtainable and realistic goals. I always looked forward to our conversations, her presence and her awesome input".

Regina Estrada, Assurance Staff at Ernst & Young


"Neelam is a phenomenal health coach. She is smart, competent and focused. Her approach to wellness is: “Wellness from within”.

She is always prepared, invariably creative, and able to adapt to routines with the needs and desires of each client. I’ve witnessed her keenly listen to her clients as she pays attention mindfully.

She has a calm nature, balanced with a good sense of humor and an even-tempered perspective on life, which is catalytic to sustainable change, as she empowers individuals to focus on their own inner strengths".

Kamal Kaur, General Manager / VP, Mobile Marketing and Display Platform at RadiumOne Inc.

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California Academy of Sciences

Vision for optimal well-being

In person, telephone or skype coaching. Integrative Holistic Wellness Coaching is a whole person/whole system approach to well-being including mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, social & environmental health.


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On the Path to Success

Telephone wellness coaching at your convenience. Increase productivity, presenteeism, morale, retention, customer satisfaction and achieve company goals. Increase optimal well-being to sustain a healthy workplace.

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Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact me today and let me help you get back on track!

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