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Integrative Wellness

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Nurse & Coach 

 My career started as a frontline clinical nurse. After completing my Masters degree in Education, I taught nursing students while simultaneously being a leader to a passionate group of nursing staff in a Surgical/Oncology department. In all my roles (frontline, leadership and faculty), I noticed an increase in preventable chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer) mostly linked to high stress levels (personal & societal). 

I decided I wanted to be part of the transformation in primary prevention and the new era of healthcare innovation.

As a healthcare advocate, educator, yoga and meditation practitioner, I find personal satisfaction in helping others find  balance between their physical and mental well-being. During our sessions, I use an integrative approach to guide my clients on finding a realistic balance in life for optimal health. 

I value my body, my health and my well-being.

Let’s start taking care of ourselves so we can be fully present for others in our daily lives.

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