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Holistic Spring-Detox

Spring is here!

Spring is here!

It’s time to re-awaken the sleeping winter body and mind.

Spring detox can be a mental, physical, emotional and/or

environmental cleanse.

Choose one behavior to try for a week

  1. Meditate daily for 5min before bedtime

  2. Try a whole foods cleanse

  3. Drink plenty of water (more than you currently do)

  4. Identify emotions as they arise (no need to analyze, just notice)

  5. Get rid of one thing you haven’t touched for years (clothes, paperwork, exercise equipment....). An example from my 100 days of happiness blog: Organized Space = Organized Life by Anjali Verma-Ruvalcaba

After completing one behavior for a week, how do you feel? What has changed? How is life different?

After writing this blog, I came across: Deepak Chopra: Making Some New Changes this Spring. A little more in depth information on spring cleaning.

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